Flow Selector


SKU: PM1000

The Flow Selector allows clinicians to direct the outlet flow from any standard flowmeter to any one of its three outlets. The two optional ports allow a cannula, humidifier and nebulizer to remain attached for convenient treatments.

With the Flow Selector’s two (2) optional ports, you can leave the cannula, humidifier and nebulizer hooked up to the Flow Selector for easy treatment whenever needed. No more loose tubing lying around waiting to be used for treatments.Simply push the button on the bottom of the unit and rotate the desired connection to the large “ON” arrow for treatment. When treatment is completed, push the button again and rotate the primary connection back under the “ON” arrow. The Flow Selector has a metal female flowmeter connection and a tough nylon body.Weighing less then 4 oz. it adds little weight to the flowmeter and it operates with any flowmeter that has a male outlet connection.