Dependable and Durable

EasyPulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator 3 & 5 Liter

The EasyPulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator was carefully designed to give you independence and greater mobility. Whether shopping for groceries or going on vacation, the EasyPulse helps you get back the freedom to go where you want, when you want. Based on your doctor's prescribed oxygen flow, Precision Medical offers the EasyPulse in both 3 and 5 liter configurations.

The Highest Purity

Only Precision Medical provides vacuum pressure swing adsorption technology (VPSA) ensuring each sieve bed is perfectly rejuvenated every cycle. This results in clean sieve beds, so they can produce high oxygen purity for a long period of time.

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Less anxiety with

Long Battery Life

The internal and external batteries combine to provide up to 11 hours* of battery life. This duration allows patients to be mobile with the confidence that their oxygen needs will be met, at home as well as when traveling. CMV technology ensures battery duration stays consistent on all flow settings.

*Battery duration times are based on new, fully charged batteries used with the EasyPulse POC system. Battery duration times will decline with battery age and environmental operating conditions.

High Standards

Tested for Purity

Each device goes through rigorous testing to ensure oxygen purity and durability. Our quality control ensures that every POC leaves the factory producing the highest oxygen purity possible - 95.5%.


Fixed Flow Control

The EasyPulse is built with advanced Controlled Minute Volume (CMV) technology. No matter your breathing rate, Precision Medical’s proprietary CMV technology consistently delivers a fixed amount of oxygen every minute during the first third of inspiration.


Here Are Your Options

You have the option to purchase the EasyPulse POC in either 3L or 5L model, which one you choose depends on your oxygen therapy needs.

Are you out and about? If yes, then you may consider adding the external battery to extend your battery duration while on the go. Both the 3L and 5L models have an optional backpack available if that suits your needs better than the carry bag.

Need help deciding? We’re happy to assist, contact us.

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