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The EasyPulse POC-3 and EasyPulse POC-5 utilize proprietary Controlled Minute Volume (CMV) technology to deliver consistent, high purity oxygen each and every breath.

Controlled Minute Volume (CMV) technology utilizes a pulse waveform algorithm, superior trigger sensitivity and fast delivery time. CMV technology is the most efficient, reliable and clinically sound pulse oxygen delivery available today.

Continuous flow oxygen therapy which in itself is a minute volume dose has been the “gold standard” since oxygen was first prescribed for patient use. CMV is the only pulse technology that mimics continuous flow oxygen therapy.

CMV technology achieves this by delivering a consistent amount of oxygen per minute regardless of patient breath rate. CMV delivers a true pulse of oxygen upon each breath within the first 1/3 of inhalation. The volume of the pulse automatically adjusts to the patient's breath rate, maintaining minute volume.

Benefits include:

Efficient oxygen delivery and integrated reservoir, the EasyPulse POC-3 and POC-5 deliver superior patient oxygen saturation on all settings.