EasyGauge Reg Oxygen Regulator

The Easy Reg is only 4-5/8" log and weighs 12 oz. with the contents gauge on the front and flow gauge on the top.

The flow adjustment knob is accessible making flow adjustment easy. The large easy to read numbers on the flow gauge provide better visibility of the flow setting.

The unique uni-body design makes it a great alternative for those who prefer a gauge-type regulator over a dial regulator.

The Easy Gauge Reg features a built in pressure relief valve as well as a protected contents gauge. The low force Viton yoke seal provides a better tank-to-reg seal.

Unique design minimizes normal flow variation that occurs as tank pressure drops.

Comes in two body designs, yoke or nut style and is available in two (2) flow ranges: 0-8 L/min and 0-15 L/min.

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$77.93 - $98.90


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CGA Connection

Flow RangeYoke Style (870)Nut Style (540)
0-8 lpm 168708G
0-15 lpm 168715G
The Easy Gauge Reg can be ordered with any one of six (6) different color gauge protectors, green being our standard. Different colors may be used to identify and segregate regulators by department. When ordering, please remember to add a dash (-) between the regulator part number and desired color suffix. (Green gauge guard requires no suffix.)
(Ex.: 168708D-Y)

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.*