EasyGoVac Aspirator


Continuous and intermittent operation


The EasyGoVac battery-powered aspirator combines ease of use with powerful suction to create a portable unit that is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, ambulances and homecare.


EasyGoVac produces vacuum up to 483 mmHg and provides dependable continuous suction power to remove respiratory fluids. The high-performance battery delivers 2 hours of run time, more than any aspirator of comparable size.


The “Low Battery Light” lets users know when the unit needs to be recharged. EasyGoVac is easy to clean and the closed design guards against bacterial growth.


Safety features and safeguards in the pump prevent overflow and possible contamination.


UL logo Only HG model is UL approved

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Height: 8.8 in (22.4 cm)
Width: 6.7 in (17.0 cm)
Length: 8.9 in (22.5 cm)


Device: 9.6 lbs (4.4 kg)


Replaceable inline hydrophobic bateria

Suction Cannister:

800cc (Disposable with Float Shut-off)

Operating Vacuum Range:

2 - 19 inHg (51 - 483 mmHg)


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