EasyPulse5+6 Oxygen Conserving Regulator is the newest conserver from Precision Medical.  The lightweight and compact design has 6 continuous flow settings and pulse flow settings 1-5.

The device delivers a tank conserving ratio of up to 5.7 to 1 allowing oxygen users to get more time out of their tanks and greater time way from home.  Its large gauge is colored coded so users know when it's time to change tanks. 

EasyPulse5+6 is available in CGA Post Valve Style cylinder connection and has a 2 year warranty.

HCPCS Code: A9900+A4615, A9999+A4615

Precision Medical requires a valid prescription for this product. Once the order is placed, a Precision Medical representative will contact you in order to collect and verify your prescription information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Pulse Oxygen Conserving Regulators work?

Precision Medical’s oxygen conservers are designed to be used with high-pressure oxygen systems. It consists of a cylinder connection, cylinder contents gauge, high-to-low pressure regulator, orifice plate and a conserving demand module. The regulator reduces the high pressure of the cylinder to the working pressure of the orifice plate. The orifice plate uses calibrated orifices to deliver a selected flow to the conserving demand module. The conserving demand module controls the pulse size and timing to the patient. It supplies a pulse of oxygen at the beginning of each breath. This reduces the oxygen demand on the system and also limits the drying of the patient’s airways. The flow is determined by setting the flow control knob to the prescribed flow. Finally the oxygen is supplied to the patient through the cannula.

When to use Pulse Oxygen Conserving Regulator?

Our oxygen conservers are intended to regulate high pressure cylinders that provide supplemental oxygen to oxygen users who have difficulty extracting oxygen from the air they breathe in. Our conserving regulators are for patients who would normally receive their oxygen via a nasal cannula. EasyPulse5 and EasyPulse 5+6 deliver 100% oxygen at flow settings and are used as an oxygen saving device.



Length:4.75 in (12.07 cm)
Width:2.63 in (6.7 cm)
Height:2.5 in (6.35 cm)


9.9 oz (.279 kg)

Inlet Pressure Range

300 - 3000 psig (2068 - 20684 kPa)

Internal Regulated Pressure

50 psig (345 kPa)

Operating Altitude Range

Sea level to 10,000 ft above sea level (Sea level to 3,048 m above sea level)

Pulse Settings

1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Flow Settings

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 L/min Continuous

Savings Ratio

Up to 5.7 : 1

Cannula Requirements

Maximum 7 ft long adult standard single lumen oxygen nasal cannula

Oxygen Cylinder Connections

CGA 870 Post Valve

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.*

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