CPI Technology Instructions


Step 1: Download the CPI Technology Software on a Windows 10 computer.


Step 2: Plug in the portable oxygen concentrator’s AC Power Cord in an outlet.


Step 3: Plug in the AC Power Adapter to the portable oxygen concentrator.


Step 4: Open the CPI Software on your computer


Step 5: Once you are in the software, click on the “select device” at the top.


Step 6: Click on the circle next to the word "Discover" to search for your device. 


Step 7: Look for your device’s serial number in the discover tab, select your serial number and click connect.


Step 7a: Make sure you see the Bluetooth icon on the portable oxygen concentrator screen.


Step 8: Once you are connected, click on "retrieve logs" on the top right corner of the pop up.


Step 8a: Once you select your device and retrieve logs, give the software some time to retrieve the device data. You will see it displayed on the screen like this.


Step 8b: As the device data is retrieved, the progress bar at the bottom will fully upload green and when it is fully done retrieving the data, it will turn gray.


Step 9: When you are done retrieving all logs, click on the “Connected” on the top.


Step 10: Finally, click disconnect to remove your device from the program.


Step 11: Fill out the CPI Notification Form. Precision Medical will contact you in 1-2 business days after receiving the form to let you know the next steps regarding your device. 


Troubleshooting – If you make it to Step 6 but are unable to discover your device’s serial number on the CPI Technology software, you might need a Bluetooth USB Adapter for your computer. We recommend this one: Bluetooth 4.0 Dual-Mode Micro USB Adapter


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