It is hard to stay motivated and active during the winter months. The weather is gloomy and it puts us in a funk. Winter is no excuse to hibernate on your couch and quit your active lifestyle. Think of it as an opportunity to get creative with your exercise routine. Look past the frigid temperatures outside. There are plenty of ways to stay active indoors. As always, check with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine.

Start A Home Gym

Get a yoga mat, some hand weights, and you got yourself a home gym. Exercising at home is easy and free. It can help control your weight and reduce your risk of heart disease. Doing light weight exercises at home can help increase your bone density, which tends to decrease with age. If you don’t know where to start, look up at home workouts from trusted health sources that best meet your needs. Here are 30 moves from Healthline to get you started. With everything being in the comfort of your home, you have no excuse not to stick to a routine.

Take the Stairs

Stair climbing is a great fat-burning workout that can help straighten and tone your leg muscles. According to the Mayo Clinic staff, better blood flow in your legs means a healthier heart and body. Think of it as a hassle-free indoor hike, one where you don’t have to check the weather app before going on. The best part is, you can do this workout at home, at work, or while running errands. Opt-out of using the elevator any chance you get. Check out these stair exercises from Mayo Clinic.

Sign Up for A Class

There are many indoor activities you can sign up for at your local fitness center. If you miss riding your bike, sign up for a spin class for a great cardio workout. Improve your flexibility while working up a sweat with a yoga class. Invite a friend and play some indoor tennis. Another fun way to get a good workout, socialize, and combat seasonal blues is with a Zumba class. Dr. Eva Selhub says “One of the things that alleviates depression is human contact and socialization, which tends to fall during wintertime.” For adults 65+, Silver Sneakers has indoor fitness classes designed specifically for seniors, with classes tailored to different fitness levels. They have over 17,000 locations, find one near you here.

Stay Motivated

The real trick is finding ways to stay motivated and beating those winter blues. According to Psychology Today, seasonal affective disorder affects an estimated 10 million Americans. Exercise is a mood-booster and will help improve your mental health. Once you get started, you will feel better, more energized, and be in a happier state of mind.