A Look Ahead

2019 has been a big year for Precision Medical, and we would like to tell you what to expect and why we’re so excited.

A Changing Brand

Over the last several years, the evolution of our business has fundamentally changed the way we engage with customers. This means the experience we offer everyone is ripe for change. Whether it’s helping inform patients and caregivers about life on oxygen therapy, how we interact with our various distribution partners, or the products we develop to expand our portfolio — things are simply different. Here’s a few ways you may be seeing us going forward.

Precision Medical Logo long with dots
Precision Medical Logo long



Precision Medical Logo short with dots
Precision Medical Logo short

While we’re changing more than our logo, it’s one of the key visual updates you’ll notice in the places you’re used to engaging us. This won’t all happen at once — our brand evolution will slowly be rolled out over the next several months. We’re excited to present a visual identity and voice that better reflects not only where our business is going, but also who we truly are. So, keep an eye on our social channels and some of the packaging you typically receive, and you’ll notice a few changes.

The Live Active Five

Our latest POC (portable oxygen concentrator) innovation, the Live Active Five is just around the corner. A core tenet of our business is enabling active lifestyles for those on oxygen therapy. This requires an intricate balancing act to meet portability demands with innovative design and deliver high oxygen purity over an extended period of time. We think you will agree – our engineers have hit a home run.

The Live Active Five improves on every aspect of our previous oxygen concentrators and we couldn’t be more thrilled to release it.

A New Website

To coincide with our changing business and brand evolution, we felt it was time to take a serious look at PrecisionMedical.com and create something that serves as the central hub to learn about everything we do, and most importantly, provides everyone who uses it an intuitive experience. The blog will expand to not only feature content around living actively on oxygen therapy, but also tap into our vast subject matter expertise around hospital respiratory care and other parts of homecare.

New Social Channels

In order to connect with more people, we’re launching Precision Medical Twitter and Instagram channels. Outside of offering another way for our customers to engage with us, these channels will allow us to share different types of content and make sure we’re reachable wherever you are.

Stay Tuned

Follow us on social and check back here often to see how it unfolds. Of course, you can always continue to expect education and encouragement that we hope helps you and your loved ones.