Have a heart for wanderlust or just need to take a trip? You should never let portable oxygen hold you back.

Thanks to the compactness of our portable oxygen concentrators, you can fit traveling by car, RV, bus or train into your lifestyle with very few changes to your itinerary.

Before you hit the road, check out these guidelines for traveling with portable oxygen concentrators and make it a safe, easy trip.

Let’s get started!


Tip 1: Map it Out

Before you hit the road, it’s always a good idea to know where you’re going. Yes, that overstates the obvious! What we’re really referring to are the portable oxygen concentrator resources available at your destination.

Takeaway: Take the time to find a dealer at your destination—write down their contact information and address—should you need any product support or assistance.


Tip 2: Take Charge When in the Car

Being aware of your oxygen concentrator’s charging needs is an important consideration. If you’re traveling by car you’ll have an easy time with this since your EasyPulse features a DC charging cord that can be plugged into a standard auto cigarette lighter.

Please keep in mind the amount of charge you’ll get is fully dependent on the mode setting, meaning at the highest flow settings the oxygen concentrator may take longer to charge. It’s a good idea to operate on DC power as long as it’s available. Remember: you’ll want to have the engine running when plugged in to avoid draining the vehicle battery.

Takeaway: Plan your charging needs ahead of time in order to maximize your battery life.


Tip 3: Riding Bus, Train or Boat?

You’ll need to contact the transportation company and see what types of power sources are available, if any, when riding by one of these. You may be able to request a seat with a power outlet. Some transportation companies require a 12-hour or more notice, so contact them well in advance.

Much like traveling by air, this step is especially important because different carriers require different measures be taken for their passengers with portable oxygen.

If there aren’t any plug-ins available on your particular bus or train, calculate the amount of spare batteries you’ll need. Check your manual to see how long you can last on battery power in your desired flow setting. EasyPulse batteries are an easy-in, easy-out replacement.

The good news is that learning the impressive extent of your concentrator's cordless capabilities is a great way to expand your freedom.

Traveling by cruise ship? Most operators follow suit to most of the rules above. Make a point to ask your cruise operator what additional check-in steps are needed, if any.

Takeaway: Contact your bus, train or cruise operator and determine your power needs in advance of your trip.

Ready to Hit the Road

It’s hard to imagine a lifestyle without travel—so plan to get out and see the world with your portable oxygen concentrator. Countless people travel every day with ease. Have yourself a great trip!

Remember, Precision Medical has a variety of accessories available that make traveling with your Portable Oxygen Concentrators even more convenient.

Learn more about our product line of oxygen concentrators or find your local Precision Medical dealer by calling 800-272-7285 extension 848.