For people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), choosing the right portable oxygen concentrator (POC) can be confusing and stressful.

What makes any one POC different than the rest? Aren’t they all pretty similar?

Not quite!

Learn more about how oxygen concentrators work and specifically how Precision Medical’s portable oxygen concentrators are able to bring you the highest oxygen purity, and won’t affect your ability to live actively!

1. Oxygen Purity

Believe it or not, the air we breathe every day isn’t mostly oxygen. In fact, only 21% of it is. The rest of it is made of nitrogen (78%) and other gases (1%) like argon, carbon dioxide, and methane.

Most people average about 20,000 breaths a day, meaning that even with this breakdown, their bodies are getting a proper amount of oxygen. However, for those with COPD, it’s not really that simple.

People with COPD have an extreme sensitivity to air quality so it’s imperative that they breathe the purest oxygen possible. That’s what POCs from Precision Medical provide.

Precision Medical’s POC delivers 95.5% pure oxygen and it’s impossible to be any better.

2. Reliability & Efficiency

In addition to the air quality, Precision Medical’s oxygen concentrators are extremely reliable and efficient.

For most POCs in the market, the sieve bed (the chamber within oxygen concentrators responsible for filtering out nitrogen from the air) deteriorates quickly, due to excess nitrogen and water vapor. This forces their owners to replace them frequently to receive the pure oxygen they need.

Precision Medical’s POCs utilize vacuum pressure swing adsorption. This means that the sieve beds remove trapped nitrogen and any remaining water vapor to keep the POC clean, dry, and efficient.

Don’t let the need to replace parts of your oxygen concentrator more often slow you down.

3. No Major Lifestyle Restrictions

Many people with COPD fear that being prescribed oxygen therapy means a major lifestyle change for them. This definitely doesn’t have to be the case and choosing a portable oxygen concentrator like those offered by Precision Medical allows you to continue living actively!

When your portable oxygen concentrator is lightweight, comes with a comfortable carrying bag, and makes little to no noise as it supports you, there are few plans or trips you have to reconsider.

Precision Medical’s Live Actively also offers a ton of great content to help you anticipate those changes you might face, such as flying with a portable oxygen concentrator or breathing better in cold air with COPD.

Continue to Live Actively

Without the right POC, COPD can slow you down. But it doesn’t have to!

By choosing an oxygen concentrator from Precision Medical, you’ll breathe the purest oxygen possible for a lot longer.

To learn more about Precision Medical and our oxygen concentrators, contact us today.