Despite all the sad news and pain around us, amazing people and companies have stepped up to help in any way they can. Although they are not all on the frontlines, it takes courage and strength for people to continue working each day in times like these. We’d like to applaud all the invisible essential workers out there and highlight some of our very own.

Over the past couple of months, each department at Precision Medical has taken on projects that go beyond typical job descriptions. “How can I help?” is a phrase often heard around here. It is not uncommon to see the owners of the company, engineers, or our global homecare manager on the production line. Our hospital manager is fielding phone calls from companies like Ford and SpaceX while also assembling parts at his desk. The cleaning staff is constantly disinfecting doorknobs, light switches, and any commonly touched surfaces.

The stars of our show are the production team who have showed up and stepped up every day, working overtime 6 days a week since March. They are determined to help get orders out the door as fast as possible. What makes our production team even more incredible? Each one of our products is carefully crafted and meticulously assembled by hand.

Likewise, our customer service team also deserves a shout out. Even though they have been dealing with frantic calls daily, this team has remained calm and collected despite numerous emergency calls from around the world. It is not an easy task to remain professional and helpful while fears and frustration spill over from the other end of the call.

Thank you to all our courageous employees, reliable suppliers, and understanding customers.

How are We Helping?

The same can be said for many invisible essential workers at manufacturing companies and businesses around the world, big and small, who have stepped up to help. We are certainly not alone in this and while we might not be at the front lines, our products are. So, what exactly are we producing and what/who are we supplying to help combat COVID-19?

Front Line Products

Precision Medical’s high flow blenders are in high demand during this pandemic. This is because some ventilators cannot blend oxygen, so they must use an external blender to control FiO2, the percentage or concentration of oxygen that a person inhales. These blenders are also used for high flow nasal cannula therapy in conjunction with a heater and heated circuit.

Oxygen therapy is the primary treatment for the majority of COVID-19 patients. Flowmeters provide simple oxygen therapy by precisely controlling the flow of oxygen a patient will receive. Our 70 L/min oxygen flowmeters are being used along with the high flow blenders to provide the necessary flow for patient therapy.

For patients that are intubated, our suction regulators are being used to help control respiratory secretions and to remove secretions from the endotracheal tubes of those on ventilators. Precision Medical’s medical fittings and medical hose assemblies are used by hospitals worldwide. They provide the gas supply line connection from the hospital headwall to the patient through a mechanical ventilator.

Supplying the Heroes

There are many companies that have stepped up to help produce products they would not be making otherwise. Ford and Airon joined forces to produce ventilators and called on Precision Medical for parts. We make two parts in the ventilators Ford is currently producing. One piece is the main oxygen DISS connection, which supplies oxygen to the ventilator, and the other piece is the only audible alarm on the device. Many other companies stepped up to make ventilators as well. Precision is supplying hose assemblies to those companies which include Mindray and Percussionaire.

Convention centers and stadiums around the world have been offering their space to host hospital beds as a way to help with overcrowded hospitals. Precision Medical has been supplying hospital equipment to assist places like McCormick Place in Chicago and the Javits Center in New York City.

With a majority of our primary suppliers located within a few hours of our headquarters in Northampton, Pennsylvania, we are able to respond quickly to demands. Our suppliers work incredibly hard to continue providing the materials we need to produce our products. Thank you: Micro Tool in Bethlehem, PA; Millennium MFG in Quakertown, PA; Blue Mountain Machine in Lehighton, PA; Polymer Contours in Allentown, PA; Century Packaging in Whitehall, PA; Tancredi Machine in Bally, PA; Industrial Metal Plating in Reading, PA; North Penn Polish & Plating in Sellersville, PA; Mac-It Machine in Lancaster, PA; Four Square TRE in Binghamton, NY; Southern Tier Plastics in Binghamton, NY; Carteret Die Casting in Somerset, NJ; Harrison Hose and Tubing, Trenton, NJ.

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