Follow along as Precision Medical’s national sales manager of the homecare division, Patrick Ferry, demonstrates how to properly use and care for your EasyPulse POC.

Setting Up Your Device

The first thing you will need to do is set up your device. If this is the first time you are setting up your EasyPulse, you will need to charge the device. Locate your power supply and plug it into an outlet. Make sure you see the little green light on the power supply that indicates it is properly plugged in. Then, take the adaptor and plug it into the side of the portable oxygen concentrator. Please note, the adaptor will show a bit of the metal part even when properly plugged into the device. Once plugged in, the battery indicator on the EasyPulse will light up. This tells you the device is charging.

If the portable oxygen concentrator is low on battery, the battery indicator will flash a red light.

If your portable oxygen concentrator is fully charged, all four bars in the battery indicator will light up green. This indicates that your device is fully charged and ready to use!

Using Your Device

Now that your EasyPulse POC is fully charged, it is ready to use. Simply unplug the POC from the power supply and locate the carry bag that you received with the device. The carry bag will make using your device a hands-free experience. It can be worn cross body or carried like a shoulder bag.

When placing the POC in the carry bag, make sure the device buttons are facing forward and are still visible through the bag’s “window” flap. Once the POC is properly placed in the carry bag, it is time to plug in your nasal cannula. 

First, take your nasal cannula and attach it to the outlet on the device. Then, take the other end of the cannula, locate the nares (bumps) and make sure they are facing towards you. Put the nares into your nose and the slide the cords over your ears. 

Once the EasyPulse is in the bag and the nasal cannula properly attached to the device and on you, it should look similar to Patrick’s in the image above. You can then turn your device on to your prescribed setting. Make sure to breathe through your nose. You will feel a pulse of oxygen delivered through the nasal cannula every time you breathe through your nose properly.

If the device does not sense a breath it will alarm. There is a circle with a triangle under it to the right of the “off” button, as shown in the image above. That circle will light up, first it will be yellow then it will turn red and the device will start to beep. This is the device telling you that it can not detect a breath and therefore can not properly deliver the oxygen you need.

Device Maintenance

In order to get the most out of your EasyPulse POC, proper maintenance is important. You want to make sure your device is always clean and always dry. Keep a close eye on the vents at the bottom of the concentrator to ensure that no dust or dirt makes its way in through those vents. Eventually that dust and dirt will make its way up the device and clog up the vents.

There is a filter located in the back of the concentrator. That filter can be easily removed, as showed in the image above. Wash your filter weekly using warm water and soap, and make sure it is fully dry before placing it back in the device.


Here are some precautions to be aware of:

  1. Do not leave your unit in a parked car for a long period of time when it is cold or too hot outside. It does not work well below 35 degrees or above 104 degrees.
  2. If the device setting buttons start lighting up and/or it starts beeping, your concentrator is trying to alarm you of a problem. Contact your homecare provider or Precision Medical for assistance.
  3. Make sure you do not get your device wet. When cleaning it, use only alcohol on a paper towel or sponge.