Living cancer free, losing weight, and young glowing skin. These are the signs of someone aging well. Are you that type of person?

Well, there’s a recipe for that: avoid overexposure to the sun, limit alcohol intake, and most of all, eat the right foods.

Here are 3 anti-aging foods with tremendous benefits that will help you enjoy a longer, happier life.

1) Blueberries

Here’s proof that good things do come in small packages. Blueberries are the ultimate superfood. And a tasty one at that. What makes these sweet little treats so special? Atop many reasons is the fact they’re rich in proanthocyanidin, which benefits your body with a ton of antioxidants.

As you may know, antioxidants are the new rage in preventative health, largely due to their ability to fight off inflammation. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases of aging are all kept at bay. It’s a matter of fact that blueberries are one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world.

Get on board with the blueberry in 2020. It’ll help you:

  • Combat aging
  • Boost brain activity
  • Fight cancer
  • Improve digestion
  • Promote heart health
  • Have soft, glowing skin
  • Manage your weight

They’re best eaten fresh. Ways to include blueberries in your diet include smoothies; as a topping to your yogurt, salad, or cereal; and alone as a snack.

2) Nuts

If you’re a lover of savory foods then you’re in luck because the crunchy, salty nut is a great food for to include in your diet. Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and many other mixed nuts have been proven to be a healthy superfood because of its anti-aging benefits.

The Mayo Clinic recommends nuts as a great heart healthy choice.

Like blueberries, nuts have antioxidant power against inflammation. That’s a plus. But they also offer your heart a good measure of unsaturated fat—the good fat—which has proven to lower your cholesterol levels. Nuts are also high in fiber so you will eat less and satisfy your hunger.

Best of all, they’re inexpensive, easy to store, and don’t need refrigeration so you can take them on-the-go as an afternoon snack. So, go nuts!

3) Dark Chocolate

I have good news for you chocolate-lovers out there! There’s an anti-aging health benefit to eating chocolate – the dark chocolate variety in particular. It too is packed with inflammation-fighting antioxidants that ward off cancer and aging-related diseases.

The reason dark chocolate works so well for you is the cocoa, which offers extremely concentrated supplies of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals—healthy plant compounds. The higher the cocoa level in your chocolate, the better.

Studies from the Cleveland Clinic show a moderate portion of dark chocolate a few times a week will give you a healthier heart. So, put that sweet tooth to work for yourself and enjoy the health benefits from a square of dark chocolate in your diet.