Y Block & T Branch



They're Versatile
They turn one outlet into two by allowing attachment of two flowmeters which can deliver oxygen or medical air to two separate areas.

They're Multi-Purpose
The demand valves allow attachment of other equipment further saving space and expanding versatility.

They Save Space
The compact nature of these units eliminates clutter on the headwall.

They Help Clinical Personnel
Clinical personnel are always looking for another outlet to hook-up another ventilator, flowmeter, resuscitation bag or suction regulator. These units provide an outlet when and where they need one.

They're Lightweight
The units are constructed of aluminum providing a lightweight piece of equipment that is not a strain on wall outlets.

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Technical Specifications

Y Block & T Branch Specifications will be posted soon.


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Y Branch & T Branch Manuals will be posted soon.


The Y8MFA, Y1MFA and D1MFA Flowmeters (Y Branch and T Branch Flowmeters) are not currently CE approved.


Y Branch & T Branch Terms & Warranties will be posted soon.