Aspirator Accessories


Order Information:
1841-10: Foam Air Filter (Pack of 10)
502391-10: Small Air Filter Inlet
502438: Hydrophobic Filter
502471-10: Motor Filter (Pack of 10)


Canisters come in 3 sizes; 800cc, 1200cc and 2000cc. A self sealing lid provides a leak-free seal when vacuum is applied. An automatic float shut-off provides protection against canister overflow.
Order Information:
1906-12: 1200cc (Case of 12)

Patient Suction Tubing, Filter Assemblies & Hydrophobic Filters

Patient Suction Tubing comes in a 6ft. length. Hydrophobic Filters provide airborne contaminant and overflow protection.
Order Information:
1834: Filter Assembly
502012: Tubing/Hydrophobic Filter/Elbow Assembly
502438: Hydrophobic Filter
502698: Plastic Tubing (2" and a 12" Section)
503293: Hydrophobic Filter Assembly

Carry Bag & Power Supplies

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Roll Stands

The Roll Stand allows you to easily move a suction unit from room to room allowing easy placement anywhere. The stand shelf is large enough to accommodate any of Precision Medical's air compressors, aspirators or nebulizer compressors. The universal canister holder can accommodate numerous canister configurations.
Order Information:
PM60-1: Mobile Roll Stand
PM60-2: Mobile Roll Stand for Aspirators