PM60 Aspirator
PM60 EasyVac
PM61 Aspirator
PM61 PowerVac
PM63 Aspirator
PM63 PowerVac+
Intermittent Aspirator
PM65 Aspirator
PM65 EasyGovac

Smaller. Lighter. More powerful. Precision Medical designed its line of aspirators with all the needs of the caregiver and patient in mind.

The PM65 EasyGoVac Aspirator delivers a vacuum range of 2-19 inHg (51-483 mmHg) in the convenience of a battery-operated suction unit with twice the run time of comparable units.

When you need power and performance, the PM60 EasyVac Aspirator responds with a high-performance 1/5 horsepower pump that delivers 0-26 inHg (0-660 mmHg), among the highest in the industry.

With quieter performance, the PM61 PowerVac Aspirator features a dual protection system to prevent backflow of fluid as well as airborne contaminants from entering the pump.

The PM63 PowerVac+ Intermittent Aspirator delivers incredible power in a lightweight and compact package, on average 42% lighter and 44.8% smaller than comparable units.

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